James William George

James William George was born on October 23, 1856 in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, England. James William, who went by William, was the fourth of five children born to William George and Elizabeth Weaver George.  He was their only son. Lydbrook occupies the steep-sided valley of the Great Hough (pronounced “How”) Brook which is a tributary of … Continue reading James William George

Wilhelmina Bremer

Wilhelmine Caroline Amalie Bremer was born April 26, 1849, in Heinade, Germany. In the United States her given name of Wilhelmine became Wilhelmina and throughout her life was often shortened to Minna. Wilhelmina’s parents, both German-born, were Friedrich Wilhelm Bremer and Friederike Wilhelmine Müller. Heinade is located in the Holzminden district of Lower Saxony. Holzminden lies within the … Continue reading Wilhelmina Bremer