“How can we know who we are and where we are going if we don’t know anything about where we have come from and what we have been through, the courage shown, the costs paid, to be where we are?”

― David McCullough, Brave Companions

IMG_1289_edited-copyThanks for stopping by! My name is Terri and I live in Laramie, Wyoming. I started working on my family tree in the late 1990s. What started out as a part-time hobby has blossomed into a full-blown passion. I’ve made amazing connections with incredible people in the here and now while on the trail of my ancestors. I love learning about history, and myself, along the way. My idea of a heavenly afternoon is one spent researching in my office, lost in another time and place, with my sweet kitty-girl, Lil, sprawled across my desk, purring contentedly.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. This is beautiful! I can’t wait either, to read and learn about all the people I grew up with….you are amazing! I love you Cuzzie!


  2. How beautiful! Will enjoy following in the footsteps of our ancestors. We are indeed lucky to have such a wonderful guide to them. Looking forward to the future posts. Love you!! Mom


  3. Brandon, thank you so much! I have learned more about our people than I ever would have dreamed…it’s been really fun for me to share their stories in this way. I hope to meet you at the Cannaday reunion! Terri


  4. Hi Terri,

    Thanks so much for your research and the background info on the Yemm’s in the Forest of Dean. Florence was my great-great grandmother as far as I can tell. I would love to learn more about your research back into the 1500’s, if possible.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Drew,
      Thank you for writing! My Florence Yemm was never married and had no children, but there was another Florence Yemm very close to her age in the Forest of Dean at the same time, so perhaps she is your 2nd great grandmother? In any case, the Yemms in that area are virtually all related at some level or another! I’m happy to share research and will e-mail you separately.
      Warm regards,


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